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Hire expert developers, engineers, architects and consultants through Net Tech to either supplement your existing teams or create a team from scratch. Yes, you can hire freelancers from a variety of portals these days with varying degrees of return on your investment. The lack of control over remote freelancers means a freelancer may just not turn up for work one day, at least not for your work. They may be, and often are, working on multiple clients’ projects at the same time. This means your project gets delayed and cost more to complete. Security of your IP is at risk with your contract with a private individual in a remote country.

Net Tech provides you the closest possible experience to hiring temporary or permanent staff physically in your own office. We employ our own staff in our remote development centres. We do the HR, Payroll, local team management and even the coffee so you can concentrate on the results. Our development centre becomes an extension of your office with your remote developers enjoying a state of the art working environment. They feel part of a physical local team as well as part of the wider virtual team. We provide the talent and the infrastructure. You manage your team functionally as it suits your project / company. A winning partnership at very competitive rates.

We ensure that your valuable IP and data is protected. Your contract is with an established UK company and not with an individual that you may not be able to trace in some far-flung country.

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